DON DME Reuse Program

Disability Options Network would like to announce the  expansion of our DON DME Reuse Program.

Are you in need of a wheelchair, walker, cane, etc.?

Come on in to one of our DON  locations at:

568 Galiffa Drive                      831 Harrison Street
Donora, PA                               New Castle, PA
724-856-4978                           724-652-5144
Ask for Michelle                        Ask for Fred


Click here for a direct link to the REEP On-Line Classifieds on the PIAT website:
REEP Classifieds

This program is made possible in part through funds from Pennsylvania’s Initiative on Assistive Technology, the Commonwealth’s Assistive Technology Act Program at the Institute on Disabilities, Temple University, funded through a grant from the Administration on Community Living, US Department of Health, and Human Services. This program takes in gently used equipment, sanitizes it, and redistributes it to people in need. The equipment must be beneficial and safe for the person to use. These efforts help get useful devices out of attics and garages and into the hands of people with disabilities who need them. Such as Walkers, manual and power wheelchairs, Transfer Chairs, Raised Toilet Seats, Shower Chairs, Reacher’s, and any other equipment that helps with independence. Reuse programs create an opportunity for those who need AT to obtain it at low cost or no cost. An added, “green” benefit is keeping usable equipment out of landfills.

Available Equipment