DON Services is a Fiscal Employer Agent

DON Services consumers have the option of choosing to receive services under the consumer employer model. Under this model DON Services provides Fiscal Employer Agent services, allowing the consumer to self-direct their services to the highest degree possible.

As a Fiscal Employer Agent, DON Services performs the fiscal agent tasks of:

  • Processing payroll
  • Related tax filings
  • Arranging, purchasing and managing workers’ compensation
  • Record keeping
  • Employer training and ongoing support
  • Criminal/child abuse record checks
  • Technical assistance/employer supports
  • Assistance with hiring, training, firing, and managing personal care attendants

Choose Independence!

Do you seek a better quality of life? DON Services can help! Living at home in the community of your choice is a big part of the American Dream. For many people with disabilities, the only thing preventing them from fulfilling that dream is the need for assistance to help them live how and where they choose. Call Toll Free 1 (866) 652-5121 for help.